We are currently undergoing changes and will not be operating until around March 2020

Welcome to Wings Over Wasatch Hang Gliding, LLC

First Time?


"I've never been hang gliding before."

No need to worry. There are two ways you can get started...


Fly Tandem

On a day that's good for soaring, you can fly for 15-20 minutes with an instructor on your first day out.  


Fly Solo

Once you're hooked, you'll want to learn to fly solo. Learn to operate a hang glider on your own.  It may change your life! 

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Let's start with your goals...

Hang gliding Utah's Point of the Mountain is the perfect place to take a refresher course or to get advanced training. 


Up your game! Bring your skills to the next level.

Strengthen your fundamentals and apply them to big mountain flying.


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Let's talk about your goals and develop a plan!